Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Behind the curtain

I have an extremely high level of interest and curiosity in a lot of things,
I'm not a typical Arab stereotype regardless of what it implies,
Most of my decisions and choices are made on the spot,
I'm against xenophobia and the theologically bigoted,
I try to lead an extremely healthy life – When I can,
I love cats, one day I’m going to get a Siberian,
I'm in love with the Baroque movement,
My favorite possession is a red collage,
I used to play musical instruments,
I have a high respect for nature,
I’m very technologically savvy,
I'm an Investment Banker,
I'm a paradox. I'm direct,
I read and write a lot,
A movie enthusiast,
I’m a dreamer,
I’m stubborn,
I'm a Pisces.

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