Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sick & Sour

As opposed to the deafening sound of my alarm clock, I awoke this morning to a barage of shrapnel infested coughs that made me feel like my lungs were being ripped apart. Great, now for the next week or so I'm going to have to go through this mind-numbingly annoying rocky road mix of coughs, teary eyes, runny nose, and fatigue.
And so here I am sitting with a group of family friends having lunch. Nodding along as I succumb to the social necessities of politeness, fake gratitude, and unimpressed interest. As boring as the conversations are, to myself at least, someone on the table said something that struck through me like an iron cold blade. The Lebanese-Syrian borders are apparently closed and the Lebanese side is being quite unhelpful in letting in the Syrian refugees. I'm not quite sure as to how old this news is or if its recent. Regardless of when, the fact of the matter is I was one of the hundreds maybe thousands of people who left Lebanon to Syria during the July 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon (or Hezbollah, which ever side you think it is). The Syrians were extremely helpful and so unselfishly caring. At least I'm speaking about the few hours we were there. Point is, they were. I don't care if it was genuine or not, they did it anyway.
What drove me crazy is that Lebanon is making the process of refugee support all the more difficult. I'm not a fan of the Syrian regime, I never was, and probably never will be. I will also never forget what the Syrian regime did to Lebanon but this is the people we're talking about. The people who are as against this dictatorship as myself. This is such a shame. Instead of making sure that we stand by them and support them, regardless if you like them or not. I'm speaking from a purely humane point of view.
Then again why am I so surprised. I'm speaking about the same country that was giving the Japanese cars a hard time at customs because of potential nuclear hazards due to what happened in Japan. Really? So Lebanon doesn't mind going 9 months without a president, 6 months without a government but when it comes to the divinely unlikely chance of us getting any nuclear residue from cars, they go full speed. This is pathetic. I don't blame the government though, I blame the people who still vote for the same war criminals who are still in rule today. This topic is probably the most hackneyed in the history of books written about Lebanon. I'm not going to bother and get into it further.
I'm going to make myself a nice cup of tea with lemon while I pray for sweet blissful death instead of feeling my lungs being ripped out of my throat.

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